Seowoo Jang

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Power line communications (PLCs) have recently absorbed interest in the smart grid since they offer communication capability in an easy and simple deployment. The main role of PLC access network (PLC-AN), which is constructed with medium and low voltage distribution networks, is to exchange control signals between substations and end users or to provide the(More)
The major goal of IEEE 802.11ac is to provide very high throughput (VHT) performance while at the same time guaranteeing backward compatibility. To achieve this goal, 802.11ac adopts the channel bonding technique that makes use of multiple 20 MHz channels in 5 GHz band. Due to the heterogeneity of bandwidth that each device exploits, and the fixed total(More)
As the number of wireless service providers increases, competition among them is becoming stronger in wireless access networks. On the other hand, users actively change their behaviors toward the networks to get more network resources such as service time, bandwidth, capacity, etc. That is, each user will actively choose a cell or a network that offers the(More)
We propose a power-controlled STDMA scheduling scheme tailored for an aeronautical network over the North Atlantic Ocean. The scheme takes into consideration the flight times/pattern of transatlantic flight to provide an efficient transmission schedule for all nodes. The scheme also dynamically changes transmission power according to traffic rate and node(More)
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