Seoung-Kyo Yoo

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An integrated real-time sensing system that uses a portable Raman spectrometer and a micropillar array chip has been developed for field analysis. The problem of poor detection sensitivity, caused by miniaturization in the portable Raman spectrometer, was overcome by using the surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) technique. The problem of poor(More)
High selectivity provided by biomolecules such as antibodies and enzymes has been exploited during the last two decades for development of biosensors. Of particular importance are efficient immobilization methods for biomolecules in order to preserve their biological activities. In this study, we have evaluated immobilization strategies for an anti-DNA(More)
Abnormal bonding pads have often been formed through a series of wafer processing steps, which may cause a variety of failure modes in the efficient operation of the end products. In this work, the effect of fluorine-outgassing on its formation as a case study has been studied. We analyzed abnormal bonding pads prepared by various defective conditions and(More)
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