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Current methods for studying central nervous system myelination necessitate permissive axonal substrates conducive to myelin wrapping by oligodendrocytes. We have developed a neuron-free culture system in which electron-spun nanofibers of varying sizes substitute for axons as a substrate for oligodendrocyte myelination, thereby allowing manipulation of the(More)
Functional screening for compounds that promote remyelination represents a major hurdle in the development of rational therapeutics for multiple sclerosis. Screening for remyelination is problematic, as myelination requires the presence of axons. Standard methods do not resolve cell-autonomous effects and are not suited for high-throughput formats. Here we(More)
Current methods for studying oligodendrocyte myelination using primary neurons are limited by the time, cost and reproducibility of myelination in vitro. Nanofibers with diameters of >0.4 μm fabricated from electrospinning of liquid polystyrene are suitable scaffolds for concentric membrane wrapping by oligodendrocytes. With the advent of aligned(More)
AIMS To identify the common causal beliefs of mental illness in a multi-ethnic Southeast Asian community and describe the sociodemographic associations to said beliefs. The factor structure to the causal beliefs scale is explored. The causal beliefs relating to five different mental illnesses (alcohol abuse, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD),(More)
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