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Irreducibility of a subscheme of the Hilbert scheme of complex space curves
Abstract Denoting by J′ (d, g, 3) the subscheme of the Hubert scheme, whose general point corresponds to smooth irreducible and nondegenerate curve of degree d and genus g in P 3, it is proved thatExpand
Normal generation of line bundles on algebraic curves
Abstract We obtain the necessary conditions for nonspecial line bundles of degrees 2 g −4 and 2 g −5 on a smooth curve not to be normally generated. Also, we get the necessary and sufficientExpand
Lowering the density of electronic defects on organic-functionalized Si(100) surfaces
The electrical quality of functionalized, oxide-free silicon surfaces is critical for chemical sensing, photovoltaics, and molecular electronics applications. In contrast to Si/SiO2 interfaces, theExpand
A fast numerical method for evaluation of Calderón commutators
We describe a methodology for fast evaluation of multilinear operators that are generated by a rapidly computable nonlinear operator. We illustrate this idea by developing a simple numericalExpand
Applications of some formulas for finite Markov chains
Abstract We present some explicit matrix formulas for a finite state Markov chain. The first gives sums of probabilities along some general subsets of paths. Another formula yields the probabilityExpand
On the Clifford sequence of a general k-gonal curve
Abstract Let C be the general k-gonal curve of genus g ≥ 4, k ≥ 4, and ¦F¦ the unique pencil of degree k on C. If C has a linear series ¦D¦ of cliff(D) ≤ [ (g − 4) 2 ] with deg D ≤ g − 1, then ¦D¦ isExpand
Some Remarks on Diffusion Distances
A mathematical explanation as to why the normalization makes diffusion distances more meaningful is provided and an interesting connection between the (normalized) mean first passage time and the discretized solution of a certain Dirichlet-Poisson problem is exhibited. Expand
Abstract. In this work we obtain conditions for nonspecial line bundleson general k-gonal curves failing to be normally generated. Let L be anonspecial very ample line bundle on a general k-gonalExpand
Secant planes of projective curves embedded by nonspecial line bundles
ABSTRACT For a nonspecial line bundle ℒ on a smooth curve X we consider a presentation ℒ≃𝒦X−D+E which is minimal with respect to deg E. If ℒ is very ample, then this minimality means that anyExpand
An efficient tree-based computation of a metric comparable to a natural diffusion distance
Abstract Using diffusion to define distances between points on a manifold (or a sampled data set) has been successfully employed in various applications such as data organization and approximatelyExpand