Seongsu Lee

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We report the first case of the successful measurements of a localized spin antiferromagnetic transition in delafossite-type PdCrO2 by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES). This demonstrates how to circumvent the shortcomings of ARPES for investigation of magnetism involved with localized spins in limited size of two-dimensional crystals or(More)
Lithium-ion batteries, which have been widely used to power portable electronic devices, are on the verge of being applied to new automobile applications. To expand this emerging market, however, an electrode that combines fast charging capability, long-term cycle stability, and high energy density is needed. Herein, we report a novel layered lithium(More)
Use of compounds that contain fluorine (F) as electrode materials in lithium ion batteries has been considered, but synthesizing single-phase samples of these compounds is a difficult task. Here, it is demonstrated that a simple scalable single-step solid-state process with additional fluorine source can obtain highly pure LiVPO4F. The resulting material(More)
Cationic ordering in Sr2FeReO6 (SFRO) and Sr2CrReO6 (SCRO) is investigated using magnetic property measurement, atomic-scale imaging, and first-principles calculations. We find that the nature of cationic ordering strongly depends on the host oxides, although they have the same crystal symmetry and chemical formula. Firstly, adding Re is effective to(More)
In a flexible nanocomposite-based nanogenerator, in which piezoelectric nanostructures are mixed with polymers, important parameters to increase the output power include using long nanowires with high piezoelectricity and decreasing the dielectric constant of the nanocomposite. Here, we report on piezoelectric power generation from a lead-free LiNbO3(More)
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