Seongmoon Jung

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The aim of this study is to investigate the dosimetric characteristics of nanoparticle-enhanced Auger therapy. Monte Carlo (MC) simulations were performed to assess electron energy spectra and dose enhancement distributions around a nanoparticle. In the simulations, two types of nanoparticle structures were considered: nanoshell and nanosphere, both of(More)
This work aims to develop a Monte Carlo (MC) model of pinhole x-ray fluorescence imaging for gadolinium nanoparticles (GdNPs) in a cylindrical water phantom and to derive the relationship between imaging dose and quality for different x-ray spectra. We constructed four Gd columns in the water phantom which had different concentrations: 0.01%, 0.03%, 0.06%,(More)
This work aims to develop a Monte Carlo (MC) model for pinhole K-shell X-ray fluorescence (XRF) imaging of metal nanoparticles using polychromatic X-rays. The MC model consisted of two-dimensional (2D) position-sensitive detectors and fan-beam X-rays used to stimulate the emission of XRF photons from gadolinium (Gd) or gold (Au) nanoparticles. Four(More)
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