Seonghoon Moon

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Fusobacterium nucleatum is classified into five subspecies that inhabit the human oral cavity (F. nucleatum subsp. nucleatum, F. nucleatum subsp. polymorphum, F. nucleatum subsp. fusiforme, F. nucleatum subsp. vincentii, and F. nucleatum subsp. animalis) based on several phenotypic characteristics and DNA-DNA hybridization patterns. However, the methods for(More)
Video streaming has dominated traffic usage over the Internet. With the development of heterogeneous mobile devices, various streaming environments with different display sizes and network bandwidths have accelerated video streaming to the masses. To accommodate the increasing demand for video, streaming providers have made efforts to build services based(More)
The proliferation of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs have accelerated the online video consumption over a wireless network. To guarantee the stable HD video streaming, the steady and reliable wireless mesh is necessary to satisfy QoS of real-time video services. In this paper, we propose a reliable video delivery system with the(More)
For massive traffic handling in the cellular network, network function virtualization (NFV) is considered to be the most cost-efficient solution in the 5G networks. Since NFV decouples the network function from the underlying hardware, the purpose-built machines can be replaced by the commodity hardware. However, NFV might suffer from the very fact that it(More)
Posting online reviews and rating their satisfaction on purchased products has become an increasingly popular way to share the information for anonymous candidates who has interest in purchasing the product. In addition, people leave their interests and near-future purchasing plan on the web such as search history and search query volume. From this(More)
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