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A role for graphene in silicon-based semiconductor devices
As silicon-based electronics approach the limit of improvements to performance and capacity through dimensional scaling, attention in the semiconductor field has turned to graphene, a single layer ofExpand
Carbon nanotube electron emitters with a gated structure using backside exposure processes
We have fabricated fully vacuum-sealed 5 in. diagonal carbon nanotube field-emission displays of a gated structure with reliable electron emission characteristics. Single-walled carbon nanotube tipsExpand
An Equivalent Circuit Model for a Ge Waveguide Photodetector on Si
We present an equivalent circuit model with improved accuracy for 1.5-μm germanium waveguide-type vertical photodetectors on a silicon-on-insulator substrate. Our model consists of passive circuitExpand
Small-signal frequency responses for Si micro-ring modulators
We present a new small-signal model for the modulation frequency response of a Si micro-ring modulator. The model is based on the coupled-mode theory and has the well-known second-order systemExpand
Dedicated process architecture and the characteristics of 1.4 μm pixel CMOS image sensor with 8M density
A 1.4 μm-pitch pixel of CMOS image sensor, which is the smallest to date, has been successfully developed and integrated into 8M density for the first time. Expand
Theoretical studies on distribution of resistances in multilevel bipolar oxide resistive memory by Monte Carlo method
We simulate resistance distributions of multilevel oxide bipolar resistive random access memories (ReRAMs) through a physical model with Monte Carlo method. The model is used to explain frequentlyExpand
A plasma-treated chalcogenide switch device for stackable scalable 3D nanoscale memory.
Stackable select devices such as the oxide p-n junction diode and the Schottky diode (one-way switch) have been proposed for non-volatile unipolar resistive switching devices; however, bidirectionalExpand
High performance gallium-zinc oxynitride thin film transistors for next-generation display applications
High speed thin film transistors (TFTs) are in great need for next-generation TVs which will employ ultra high definition resolution (3840×2160) panels and possibly include multi-viewExpand
Defect Control in Zinc Oxynitride Semiconductor for High-Performance and High-Stability Thin-Film Transistors
The fabrication of thin-film transistor devices incorporating active semiconductors based on zinc oxynitride (ZnON) compound is presented. It is demonstrated that the addition of appropriate dopant,Expand
Interface sulfur passivation using H2S annealing for atomic-layer-deposited Al2O3 films on an ultrathin-body In0.53Ga0.47As-on-insulator
Abstract Atomic-layer-deposited Al 2 O 3 films were grown on ultrathin-body In 0.53 Ga 0.47 As substrates for III-V compound-semiconductor-based devices. Interface sulfur (S) passivation wasExpand