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In Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADASs), monitoring the driver's cognitive status during driving is considered as an important issue. Because, most of the accidents in the automotive sector occur due to the driver's misinterpretation or lack of sufficient information regarding the situation. In order to prevent these accidents, current ADASs include(More)
In this paper, we propose a framework that can prevent accidents due to careless or inattentive driving by providing the necessary traffic information to the driver. The proposed system complements the driver by providing the missed cognitive information regarding the traffic. The proposed system is divided into three parts. First, the system checks the(More)
Kowalski's Connection Graph Resolution can be employed to process queries in Deductive and Object-oriented Databases. We present a method to construct a Connection Graph for a set of formulas written in F-Logic. Using the knowledge in the graph, we then present an efficient compatibility test algorithm which can reduce the search space of Connection Graph(More)
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