Seongchan Kim

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In recent years, there have been many interests in opinion resources such as online news, blogs, and forums. With this tendency, many opinion-related applications are proposed to quench an opinion-seeking desire of users. However, selecting publicly interesting opinions is important to improve the effectiveness of such opinion applications, by focusing more(More)
Identifying an opinion target, a primary object of the opinion expression (e.g., the real-world object, event, and abstract entity), is helpful for extracting target-related opinions and detecting user interests. This paper presents a novel framework for target-based opinion analysis, which extracts opinionated sentences and identifies their opinion targets(More)
The paper reports a facile one-pot synthesis of core@shell nanoparticles (NPs) composed of Au core and graphene oxide nanocolloid (GON) shell. Unique properties of Au NPs and GON can be incorporated into a single nanohybrid structure to provide desirable functions for theranosis such as localized surface plasmon resonance, Raman scattering, amphiphilic(More)
The multifunctional DNAzyme (Dz) delivery system is developed based on nano-sized graphene oxide (nGO) for simultaneous detection and knockdown of the target gene. The Dz/nGO complex system allowed convenient monitoring of HCV mRNA in living cells and silencing of the HCV gene expression by Dz-mediated catalytic cleavage concurrently.
In 2001, the Texas State Senate passed Senate Bill 5 to reduce ozone levels by encouraging the reduction of emissions of NOx that were not regulated by the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission. These include point sources (power plants), area sources (such as residential emissions), road mobile sources, and non-road mobile sources. For the(More)
Tables are ubiquitous in digital libraries and on the Web, utilized to satisfy various types of data delivery and document formatting goals. For example, tables are widely used to present experimental results or statistical data in a condensed fashion in scientific documents. Identifying and organizing tables of different types is an absolutely necessary(More)
Computerized presentation slides have become essential for effective business meetings, classroom discussions, and even general events and occasions. With the exploding number of online resources and materials, locating the slides of high quality is a daunting challenge. In this study, we present a new, comprehensive framework of information quality(More)
Current movie title retrieval models, such as IMDB, mainly focus on utilizing structured or semi-structured data. However, user queries for searching a movie title are often based on the movie plot, rather than its metadata. As a solution to this problem, our movie title retrieval model proposes a new way of elaborately utilizing associative relations(More)
A new framework combining proactive search with mobile hypertext lets mobile phone users avoid text entry and tailors search results to suit the context. Mobile phones and devices are evolving steadily, adding increasingly advanced capabilities. Today's smart phones, for example, have PClike functionality with complete operating system software that(More)