Seongbok Baik

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In this paper, we are introducing a new view for the applications and the activities using QR codes to access the information for the objects existing in everyday human environment. This view emphasizes the possibility of the QR codes as an Analog Portal—an ambient media gate to the Digital World, because it shows the new way of access to the Internet and(More)
System area networks have been developed to address the needs of computing clusters. Myricom’s Myrinet architecture is one of the predominant technologies in this area. One of the key issues for SANs is faulttolerant routing. Myrinet provides Mapper software to discover and maintain network topology. Myrinet’s Mapper is centralized, susceptible to probe(More)
The acceleration in computational scale to solve problems in emerging “computational” fields from Nanoscience and Genetics to Astrophysics places increasingly heavy compute and data storage burdens on locally and globally distributed computer systems. We are focusing on the management of these loosely coupled systems (clusters and Grids) which are asked to(More)
With the emergence of significant amounts of mobile and cloud services, the scale of Data Center Networks (DCNs) has been growing rapidly. A DCN has different network requirements compared to a traditional Internet Protocol (IP) network, and the existing Ethernet/IP style protocols constrain the DCNs scalability and its manageability. In this paper, we(More)
Recently there have been a lot of discussions about the benefits and usages of SDN technologies, but not many practical proposals for how to interconnect the various heterogeneous and disparate networks maintained by the telecommunication companies. Current level of SDN technologies does not show any sign of transforming the whole legacy network into the(More)
Fault management in high performance cluster networks has been focused on the notion of hard faults (i.e., link or node failures). Network degradations that negatively impact performance but do not result in failures often go unnoticed. In this paper, we classify such degradations as soft faults. In addition, we identify consistent performance as an(More)
The SDN controllers maintain the flow tables to manage all the data flows passing through the SDN switches. In some cases, monitoring activities are required for the specific flows to detect the special events. Current de facto standard of SDN architecture enforces SDN switch to stay awake all the time from the time it receives the event monitoring request(More)
Recently, the walls of wired and wireless networks are breaking down to bring the cluster environment of networks to a chaos, mainly due to the exponential gross of the wireless devices. For the network service providers are taking the burden of caring the enormous networks in a safe and efficient way, they are trying to acquire the excellent network(More)
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