Seong-Uk Choi

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As processor speed has increased dramatically in recent years, the gap between processor and memory speeds becomes the main cause of degrading processor utilization. A cache memory is a well-known hardware mechanism used to reduce this gap. Caches, however, show poor performance on some programs such as scientific and engineering applications due to their(More)
In VLII,V(Veq Long Instruction Word) compiler, one of th,e m!ost important issue is how to handle conditionul branche.s, because control dependences are c a w e d hy con,ditiond branches and limit the scope of scheduling. This puper proposes the eficient method of n.9 conditional branches. W e use SSA(Static signmen,t) information for preserving semanfics.(More)
Gated Single Assignment (GSA) form is used to transform an imperative program into a form suitable for dataflow interpretation. We describe a GSA-formed Control Flow Graph (CFG) that contains gating functions and the information of switches. We also present an algorithm to transform an imperative program into a GSA-formed CFG. Transformation of an(More)
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