Seong-Taek Jeon

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External noise paradigms, measuring contrast threshold as a function of external noise contrast (the "TvC" function), provide a valuable tool for studying perceptual mechanisms. However, measuring TvC functions at the multiple performance criteria needed to constrain observer models has previously involved demanding data collection (often>2000 trials). To(More)
External noise presented in temporal contiguity with a target impairs perceptual performance, reflecting the temporal tuning of the perceptual template. Deriving the temporal characteristics of the perceptual template, however, requires an observer model that segregates the impact of non-linearities and intrinsic inefficiencies of the observer in order to(More)
Existing observer models developed for studies with the external noise paradigm are strictly applicable only to target detection or identification/discrimination of orthogonal target(s). We elaborated the perceptual template model (PTM) to account for contrast thresholds in identifying nonorthogonal targets. Full contrast psychometric functions were(More)
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