Seong-Tae Han

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The design, operation, and characterization of a continuous-wave (CW) tunable second-harmonic 460-GHz gyrotron are reported. The gyrotron is intended to be used as a submillimeter-wave source for 700-MHz nuclear magnetic resonance experiments with sensitivity enhanced by dynamic nuclear polarization. The gyrotron operates in the whispering-gallery mode(More)
Recently, dynamic nuclear polarization enhanced nuclear magnetic resonance (DNP/NMR) has emerged as a powerful technique to obtain significant enhancements in spin spectra from biological samples. For DNP in modern NMR systems, a high power continuous-wave source in the submillimeter wavelength range is necessary. Gyrotrons can deliver tens of watts of CW(More)
Gyrotrons operating in the millimeter and submillimeter wavelength ranges are the promising sources for applications that are requiring good spectral characteristics and a wide range of output power. We report the precise measurement results of gyrotron spectra. Experiments were conducted using a 140-GHz long-pulse gyrotron that is developed for the dynamic(More)
We demonstrate real-time continuous-wave terahertz (THz) line-scanned imaging based on a 1 × 240 InGaAs Schottky barrier diode (SBD) array detector with a scan velocity of 25 cm/s, a scan line length of 12 cm, and a pixel size of 0.5 × 0.5 mm². Foreign substances, such as a paper clip with a spatial resolution of approximately 1 mm that is hidden under a(More)
Foreign bodies (FBs) in food are health hazards and quality issues for many food manufacturers and enforcement authorities. In this study, continuous wave (CW) terahertz (THz) imaging at 0.2 THz with an output power of 10 mW was compared with X-ray imaging as techniques for inspection of food for FBs. High-density FBs, i.e., aluminum and granite pieces of(More)
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