Seong Suk Kim

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Abnormalities of dystrophin, the sarcoglycans, and laminin alpha2 are responsible for a subset of the muscular dystrophies. In this study we aim to characterise the nature and frequency of abnormalities of these proteins in an Australian population and to formulate an investigative algorithm to aid in approaching the diagnosis of the muscular dystrophies.(More)
A patient receiving digoxin for long-standing congestive heart failure developed a chylothorax following removal of an infected aortic graft. Drainage of the chylothorax resulted in plasma digoxin concentrations which were near zero while the digoxin levels in the chylous drainage fluid were therapeutic. The sequestration of even low lipid-soluble drugs,(More)
UNLABELLED Backgound: This study evaluated whether the hydration status affected health-related quality of life (HRQOL) during 12 months in peritoneal dialysis (PD) patients. METHODS The hydration status and the HRQOL were examined at baseline and after 12 months using a bioimpedance spectroscopy and Kidney Disease Quality of Life-Short Form, respectively(More)
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