Seong-Pyo Cheon

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In this literature, fault detection of an induction motor is carried out using the information of stator current. After preprocessing actual data, Fourier and wavelet transforms are applied to detect characteristics under the healthy and various faulted conditions. The most reliable phase current among 3-phase currents is selected by the fuzzy entropy. Data(More)
A Bayesian network is a powerful graphical model. It is advantageous for real-world data analysis and finding relations among variables. Knowledge presentation and rule generation, based on a Bayesian approach, have been studied and reported in many research papers across various fields. Since a Bayesian network has both causal and probabilistic semantics,(More)
Contemporary technical capabilities allow an operator to easily monitor and control several remote wastewater treatment processes simultaneously but an on-line automatic diagnostic system has not yet been installed. In this paper, an on-line diagnostic system is proposed, designed and implemented for the lab-scale five-stage step-feed Enhanced Biological(More)
Nowadays, due to development of automatic control devices and various sensors, one operator can freely handle several remote plants and processes. Automatic diagnosis and warning systems have been adopted in various fields, in order to prepare an operatorpsilas absence for patrolling plants. In this paper, a Bayesian networks based on-line diagnosis system(More)
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