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Role of macrophytes as microhabitats for zooplankton community in lentic freshwater ecosystems of South Korea
We investigated zooplankton abundance and diversity, macrophyte characteristics (types, dry weight, and species number), and physicochemical parameters (water temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, and chlorophyll a) by using the 1 × 1m quadrat method. Expand
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Effects of algal food quality on sexual reproduction of Daphnia magna
Abstract The objective of our study was to investigate sexual reproduction of Daphnia magna associated with mating behaviors and hatching rates, according to different algal food sources. Since aExpand
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Population Growth of the Cladoceran, Daphnia magna: A Quantitative Analysis of the Effects of Different Algal Food
In this study, we examined the effects of two phytoplankton species, Chlorella vulgaris and Stephanodiscus hantzschii, on growth of the zooplankton Daphnia magna. Our experimental approach utilizedExpand
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Sustainment of epiphytic microinvertebrate assemblage in relation with different aquatic plant microhabitats in freshwater wetlands (South Korea)
In general, aquatic plants in shallow wetlands provide critical habitat and refuge for epiphytic microinvertebrates. We hypothesised that the density and diversity of epiphytic microinvertebratesExpand
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Responses of Rotifer Community to Microhabitat Changes Caused by Summer-Concentrated Rainfall in a Shallow Reservoir, South Korea
Empirical studies suggest that the structural heterogeneity of aquatic ecosystem microhabitat is determined by the diversity and abundance of macrophytes. However, excessive accumulation ofExpand
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Importance of substrate material for sustaining the bryozoan Pectinatella magnifica following summer rainfall in lotic freshwater ecosystems, South Korea
We investigated the influence of summer rainfall on Pectinatella magnifica colonies in lotic ecosystems. Of the examined substrate materials, branches and aquatic macrophytes supported more coloniesExpand
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Effects of Eco-friendly Multi-enzyme on Growth Performance, Intestinal Morphology, and Nutrient Digestibility of weaned Pigs
This experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of multi-enzyme on growth performance, intestinal morphology, and nutrient digestibility of weaned pigs. A total 36 weaned pigs (5.92 ± 0.48Expand
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Impact of habitat heterogeneity on the biodiversity and density of the zooplankton community in shallow wetlands (Upo wetlands, South Korea)
Abstract Macrophytes play a major role in the structuring of aquatic environments, and create diverse microhabitats. Therefore, these plants represent an important factor regulating the zooplanktonExpand
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Effects of Aquatic Macrophytes on Spatial Distribution and Feeding Habits of Exotic Fish Species Lepomis macrochirus and Micropterus salmoides in Shallow Reservoirs in South Korea
Aquatic macrophytes determine the physical complexity of aquatic environments and may influence the distribution and feeding habits of fish species. We explored the influence of differentExpand
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