Seong Ki Ahn

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Animal models for human chronic pain syndromes have been developed and widely used for pain research. One of these neuropathic pain models by Kim and Chung (1992) has many advantages for operation and pain elicitation. In this neuropathic model we have examined the c-fos protein, substance P, CGRP immunoreactivity in dorsal root ganglia and dorsal horn. 50(More)
PURPOSE Radiotherapy for head and neck cancer does not impair the voice quality as much as laser treatment or surgery, but it can induce muscle wasting and fibrosis and symptoms of dry mouth. We investigated the effect of irradiation on the myosin heavy chain (MyHC) expression in laryngeal muscles. MATERIALS AND METHODS Rats were irradiated with one dose(More)
Infectious scleritis by Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a well-known vision-threatening disease. In particular, scleral trauma following pterygium surgery may increase the risk of sclera inflammation. Surgical debridement and repair is necessary in patients who do not respond to medical treatments, such as topical and intravenous antibiotics. We reports herein(More)
Heterochromia of hair is the presence of more than one distinct color of hair in the same person. A color difference between scalp hair and a mustache or sideburns is not uncommon. Pubic and axillary hair and eyebrows and eyelashes are often darker than scalp hair in a fair-haired person. Rarely, a circumscribed patch of hair of different colors occurs.(More)
Partial unilateral lentiginosis associated with segmental neurofibromatosis is rate. Therefore, we describe here a patient with partial unilateral lentiginosis associated with ipsilateral segmental neurofibromatosis who developed multiple, rice-sized, brown macules on the right side of her face, trunk, and upper arm and several bean-sized, cafe-au-lait(More)
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