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Telemedicine promises greater access to health care of higher quality, potentially at lower cost. The diverse applications of telemedicine technology developed to date have not been evaluated systematically in terms of their ability to achieve these goals. Furthermore, the great variety in telemedicine applications and the far-reaching consequences of new(More)
To improve the ability of ultrasound to distinguish benign from malignant breast lesions, we used quantitative analysis of ultrasound image texture. Eight cancers, 22 cysts, 28 fibroadenomata, and 22 fibrocystic nodules were studied. The true nature of each lesion was determined by aspiration (for some cysts) or by open biopsy. Analysis of image texture was(More)
The Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is a primary care model that provides coordinated and comprehensive care to patients to improve health outcomes. This paper addresses practical issues that arise when transitioning a traditional primary care practice into a PCMH recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). Individual(More)
We report the first clinical nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) images of cerebral sodium distribution in normal volunteers and in patients with a variety of pathological lesions. We have used a 1.5 T NMR magnet system. When compared with proton distribution, sodium shows a greater variation in its concentration from tissue to tissue and from normal to(More)
The objective of this work was to investigate the distribution of prostate cancer using three-dimensional (3-D) computer simulation. Two hundred and eighty-one 3-D computer prostate models were constructed from radical prostatectomy specimens. An algorithm was developed which divided each model into 24 symmetrical regions, and it then detected the presence(More)
Blast-related traumatic brain injury (bTBI) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have been of particular relevance to the military and civilian health care sectors since the onset of the Global War on Terror, and TBI has been called the "signature injury" of this war. Currently there are many questions about the fundamental nature, diagnosis, and(More)
This paper reviews the emergence of telemedicine and its recent expansion and use within the healthcare industry. Through this review, several examples of telemedicine within a variety of applications provide a broad context to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the emergence of e-medicine. These examples provide snapshots of a teleradiology(More)
The purposes of this research are to investigate the effectiveness of our novel image features for segmentation of anatomic regions such as the lungs and the mediastinum in chest radiographs and to develop an automatic computerized method for image processing. A total of 85 screening chest radiographs from Johns Hopkins University Hospital were digitized to(More)