Seong-Jun Hong

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This paper proposes a face recognition using both a preprocessing method by centroid shift and a fixed-point (FP) independent component analysis (ICA) based on secant method. The centroid shift is applied to find a validity image by removing the background of source images. FP-ICA of secant method is an alternate of the conventional FP-ICA based on Newton's(More)
As the Internet has been growing, WWW(World Wide Web) based services have become more popular, and the number of those using the service has increased excessively. To support these services, the processing of many transactions has become essential in the Internet. There are many researches regarding user profiling on web services to support those(More)
This paper proposes a global optimization of neural network by hybrid method. The hybrid method combines a stochastic approximation with a gradient descent method. The approximation point inclined toward a global escaping from a local minimum is estimated first by stochastic approximation, and then the update rule of Hopfield model is applied for high speed(More)
A 39-year-old female was suffering from cold-induced Raynaud's attacks in both hands and feet, with symptoms being most severe in her left foot. The patient did not respond to medical treatments and was referred to our department of pain medicine. We performed sequential bipolar radiofrequency lumbar sympathectomy to the patient, which offered a long(More)
Grid environments provide the mechanism to share heterogeneous resources among nodes. Because of the similarity between grid environments and P2P networks, the structures of P2P networks can be adapted to enhance scalability and efficiency in deployment and to search for services. In this paper, we present a membership management based on a hierarchical(More)
This paper proposes a global learning of neural networks by hybrid optimization algorithm. The hybrid algorithm combines a stochastic approximation with a gradient descent. The stochastic approximation is first applied for estimating an approximation point inclined toward a global escaping from a local minimum, and then the backpropagation(BP) algorithm is(More)
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