Seong-Joo Han

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A new approach to the design of a neural network (NN) based navigator is proposed in which the mobile robot travels to a pre-defined goal position safely and efficiently without any prior map of the environment. This navigator can be optimized for any user-defined objective function through the use of an evolutionary algorithm. The motivation of this(More)
A new hierarchical Walsh memory which can store and quickly recognize any number of patterns is proposed. A Walsh function based associative memory was found to be capable of storing and recognizing patterns in parallel via purely a software algorithmic technique (namely, without resorting to parallel hardware) while the memory itself only takes a single(More)
A Walsh function based distributed associative memory is capable of storing multiple patterns in a single storage space with Walsh encoding of each pattern. This Walsh-based associative memory has unique advantages in aspects of both reduced storage and fast recall compared to other types of associative memories. However, the price to pay for these(More)
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