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Bridging Knowledge Gaps: Returnees and Reverse Knowledge Spillovers from Chinese Local Firms to Foreign Firms
Adopting a knowledge-based perspective and embeddedness theory, this study examines the impact of reverse knowledge spillovers from local Chinese firms to foreign firms using a sample of high-techExpand
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The Structure of Political Institutions and Effectiveness of Corporate Political Lobbying
This paper investigates how the structure of political institutions influences the effectiveness of corporate political lobbying by shaping the "veto points" and "entry points" that lobbying firms encounter and require, respectively, when attempting to influence public policies. Expand
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Different role of lobbying and bribery on the firm performance in emerging markets
Purpose Firms influence a government to their advantage in one of two ways: either through lobbying a government to change the rule, or through bribing bureaucrats to circumvent the rule.Expand
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A Study on the Adoption of UHD for Users Perceived usefulness and ease of use of UHDTV
("#)*+,-.)/0123456UHDTV748 .'9:;UHD , , UHD ?@AB CD4EFG$ HI CJK1LMNOP. "#QRSTUV56W.+XUHDTV.WY'4UHDTV 01Z4[+\].^_+\`P. ("#Qabc de RUHDExpand
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Determinants of the Willingness to Pay of Terrestrial Broadcasting Video Contents in Online : focused on Copyright Awareness, Contents Characteristics and Platform Characteristics
The core of contents monetization is the consumer`s willingness to pay. In the past, the terrestrial contents can be used through the frequency for free. As the terrestrial contents use via onlineExpand
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The biological standard of living in colonial Korea, 1910-1945.
This paper uses human stature as a biological indicator of living standards in colonial Korea (1910-1945). We show that the average height of adult Koreans increased from the beginning to the end ofExpand
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The Interplay Between Private and Public Regulations: Evidence from ISO 14001 Adoption Among Chinese Firms
Extant studies on private regulation have not reached a sufficient understanding about the interplay between private and public regulations, due to underdeveloped theoretical framework and the lackExpand
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A Study on Development of a Car-following Model for Accident Simulation Caused by Driver Distraction
Recently demand for traffic simulation for development and validation of the safety performance of new system increases along with the development of autonomous vehicles. However, the existingExpand
Impact of Emotional Harassment on Firm’s Value
The activities and consequences of workplace bullying and harassment have been widely explored in the literature but mainly studied within the scope of individuals or at the team level. Taking aExpand
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Returnee faculty members, network position and diversification strategy: an analysis of business schools in China
This paper builds on resource-based and network theories to pose an integrative framework for understanding diversification strategy of MBA curricula in Chinese business schools. Using a data setExpand
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