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An alternative method is presented for fabricating an antireflective nanostructure array using nanosilver colloidal lithography. Spin coating was used to produce the multilayered silver nanoparticles, which grew by self-assembly and were transformed into randomly distributed nanosilver islands through the thermodynamic action of dewetting and Oswald(More)
For the improved surface plasmon-coupled photoluminescence emission, a more accessible fabrication method of a controlled nanosilver pattern array was developed by effectively filling the predefined hole array with nanosilver colloid in a UV-curable resin via direct nanoimprinting. When applied to a glass substrate for light emittance with an oxide spacer(More)
Recently, various research strategies have been employed to improve light extraction efficiency in organic LEDs, including the recent development of localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR), as well as the more widely-known application of a photonic crystal layer. Here, we report on the development of a process method for forming a two-dimensional(More)
Nanopillar-patterned Si solar cells were investigated. Ag nanoparticles were coated on a polished Si substrate as an etching mask. Reactive ion etching caused Si nanopillars to replicate in a reverse fashion on the Ag nanoparticles over a large area. The nanopillar structures efficiently reduced the light reflection on the surface and effectively drove the(More)
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