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A heterotopic pancreas is a relatively uncommon abnormality and usually of no clinical importance. A heterotopic pancreas is subject to various pathologic changes occurring in the pancreas, however, such as acute pancreatitis, cyst or abscess formation, pancreatic cancer, and islet cell tumor. We describe a rare case of a heterotopic pancreas presenting as(More)
We reported previously that the mutations in phage M13mp2, a single-stranded DNA phage, induced by sunlight exposure are predominated by G-to-C transversions. We have now made an unexpected observation that an exposure to sunlight for a short period of time results in induction mainly of C-to-T transitions while a longer exposure results in the induction of(More)
Sunlight is carcinogenic and mutagenic and its genotoxic effects are believed to be the result of UV light-induced lesions in DNA. These lesions include pyrimidine dimers and (6-4) photoproducts, but it is uncertain whether the pyrimidine modifications are the sole pre-mutagenic lesions induced by UV light. Previous studies indicate that some(More)
Low level impurities often reside in cosmetic products. The aim of the present study was to estimate the human exposure to chromium from cosmetic products purchased at a local market in South Korea, and to assess the risk on public health. Hexavalent chromium is an impurity substance that contaminates cosmetic products during manufacture. The potential for(More)
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