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Spin-torque nano-oscillators (STNOs) have outstanding advantages of a high degree of compactness, high-frequency tunability, and good compatibility with the standard complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor process, which offer prospects for future wireless communication. There have as yet been no reports on wireless communication using STNOs, since the(More)
A 60GHz transceiver system with low-power CMOS OOK modulator and demodulator is presented in this paper. The 60 GHz modulator is designed in a 90-nm CMOS process by current reuse and consumes 14.4-mW dc power at the ON-state. A data rate of up to 2 Gb/s has been measured. The 60GHz OOK demodulator is designed in a 130nm CMOS process. The demodulator(More)
An ideal black material absorbs light perfectly over all wavelengths and is totally nonreflective. Material and structural design are crucial to the management of reflectivity. Here, we report a three-dimensionally designed (3D) silicon structure consisting of silicon pillars. To our knowledge, this 3D hierarchical surface has the lowest specular(More)
Recently, much research has been focused on stretchable or flexible electronic sensors for the measurement of strain or deformation on movable and variably shaped objects. In this research, to evaluate the performance of stretchable strain sensors, we have designed an integrated evaluation system capable of simultaneously measuring the change in stress and(More)
This paper presents a 120 GHz low power, high gain, wideband active balun design in 65nm CMOS. The active balun is realized using current-reuse cascode topology and common source topology. The active balun exhibits a measured small signal where S21 and S31 are -5 ± 1.3 dB and -4.8 ± 0.5 dB, respectively, from 113GHz to 133 GHz. The measured(More)
Recently, much attention has been drawn to stretchable or flexible electronic sensors for measuring input pressure or deformation on movable and arbitrarily shaped objects. In this research as a preliminary study for developing a new stretchable stain sensor, we designed an integrated experimental system for measuring simultaneously change of strain,(More)
Preface Last year's edition of IEEE VNC in Amsterdam included a very successful demonstration session in its program. Therefore, demonstrations are again part of the program of IEEE VNC 2012 in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Demonstrations play an important role to expose the research community to practical aspects of research and to foster cross-fertilization(More)
A 60GHz variable gain amplifier is designed and fabricated in 0.18 μm SiGe BiCMOS technology. A phase compensation technique is employed for the minimization of the phase imbalance at different gain states. With a 3.3 V supply, the amplifier achieves a variable gain ranging from -2.7 dB to 17.7 dB at 60 GHz, consuming DC power of 50 mW. The measured(More)
—In this paper, a 60 GHz LTCC SiP with low-power CMOS OOK modulator and demodulator is presented. The 60 GHz modulator is designed in a 90-nm CMOS process. The modulator uses a current reuse technique and only consumes 14.4-mW of DC power in the on-state. The measured data rate is up to 2 Gb/s. The 60 GHz OOK demodulator is designed in a 130nm CMOS process.(More)
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