Seong Ho Jang

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OBJECTIVE To assess the usefulness of a pressure algometer to measure pressure pain threshold (PPT) for diagnosis of myofascial pain syndrome (MPS) in the upper extremity and trunk muscles. METHOD A group of 221 desk workers complaining of upper body pain participated in this study. Five physiatrists made the diagnosis of MPS using physical examination(More)
To compare the accuracy rates between ultrasound (US)-guided in-plain (IP), out-of-plain (OOP) and blind knee intra-articular (IA) injection via the mid-medial portal. US-guided IA injection in the IP, OOP, and blind methods was performed on 126 knees with radiographically confirmed knee osteoarthritis (Kellgren-Lawrence grade 2 or 3) without effusion.(More)
Virtual reality (VR) is not commonly used in clinical rehabilitation, and commercial VR gaming systems may have mixed effects in patients with stroke. Therefore, we developed RehabMaster™, a task-specific interactive game-based VR system for post-stroke rehabilitation of the upper extremities, and assessed its usability and clinical efficacy. A(More)
A 58-yr-old man with a right foot drop and a sensory change in the right calf and foot, which developed after a bladder operation, was referred to our clinic for an electrodiagnostic evaluation. Neurologic examination showed grade 1 weakness of the right ankle in dorsiflexion, great toe in dorsiflexion, and ankle in eversion. In addition, the patient(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the effects of backrest inclination of a wheelchair on buttock pressures in spinal cord injured (SCI) patients and normal subjects. METHOD The participants were 22 healthy subjects and 22 SCI patients. Buttock pressures of the participants were measured by a Tekscan® pressure sensing mat and software while they were sitting in a(More)
Pain-related impairment assessment by the fifth edition of the American Medical Association Guides had many ambiguous points, and therefore, it was not applicable directly in Korea. Several disputable pain disorders were excluded from the list of impairment evaluation, and complex regional pain syndrome was chosen as the first object of impairment(More)
In the present study, we aimed to determine whether game-based virtual reality (VR) rehabilitation, combined with occupational therapy (OT), could improve health-related quality of life, depression, and upper extremity function. We recruited 35 patients with chronic hemiparetic stroke, and these participants were randomized into groups that underwent VR(More)
The aim of this study was to develop a new salting method using natural phytic acid (PA) to ensure the microbiological safety and quality of salted napa cabbage used for kimchi production. The production of salted napa cabbage involves several stages: trimming, hyper-salting (20% NaCl) for up to 1h, salting (10% NaCl for 10-18 h), three sequential washes in(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of an arm sling on gait speed and energy efficiency of patients with hemiplegia. DESIGN A randomized crossover design. SETTING A rehabilitation department of a university hospital. SUBJECTS Thirty-seven outpatients with hemiplegia were included in this study. INTERVENTIONS All patients walked on a 20-m walkway twice(More)
OBJECTIVE To offer the basic data about the causes and distribution of hand tingling, symptoms and physical findings, and pressure pain threshold in desk workers. METHODS Five physiatrists participated in the screening test composed of history and physical examination. A total of 876 desk workers were evaluated and of them 37 subjects with hand tingling(More)