Seong-Geon Park

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A non-linear RRAM cell with sub-1μA ultralow operating current has been successfully fabricated for high density vertical ReRAM (VRRAM) applications. A uniform and reproducible low power resistive switching was achieved by engineering transition metal oxides and imposing thin insulating layer as a tunnel barrier. The non-linear I-V characteristics(More)
ReRAM cell performance and reliability have been improved through process optimization. Encapsulated ReRAM cell with SiN capping layer shows excellent endurance, read disturb, and retention characteristics. We demonstrated that effective oxygen barrier encapsulation is critical for keeping ReRAM performance in an aggressively scaled technology node.
Front-end-of-line (FEOL) process parameters including virtual substrate (Si/Si/sub 1-x/Ge/sub x/), shallow-trench-isolation (STI) process, and gate oxidation have strong effects on performance and reliability of strained-Si MOSFETs such as gate oxide integrity (GOI), threshold voltage (V/sub TH/ roll-off, reliability behavior including junction breakdown(More)
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