Seong-Cheol Hong

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One recent trend in network security attacks is an increasing number of indirect attacks which influence network traffic negatively, instead of directly entering a system and damaging it. In future, damages from this type of attack are expected to become more serious. In addition, the bandwidth consumption by these attacks influences the entire network(More)
This paper analyzes the mobile data traffic traces of a CDMA network and presents its unique characteristics compared to the wired Internet traffic. The data set was passively collected from the backbone of a commercial mobile service provider. Our study shows the highly uneven up/downlink traffic utilization nature in mobile data networks along with small(More)
The Internet is comprised of a lot of interconnected networks communicating reachability information using BGP. Due to the design based on trust between networks, IP prefix hijacking can occurs, which is caused by wrong routing information. This results in a serious security threat in the Internet routing system. In this paper, we present an effective and(More)
IP prefix hijacking is a well-known security threat that corrupts Internet routing tables and has some common characteristics such as MOAS conflicts and invalid routes in BGP messages. We propose a simple but effective IP prefix hijacking detection method which is based on reachability monitoring. Network reachability means a characteristic that a packet(More)
One recent trend in network security attacks is increase in indirect attack on systems. Instead of directly entering the system, an attacker interferes with the proper working of the network or system. In future, damage from this type of attack is expected to become more serious. In addition, the bandwidth usage of those attacks influences the entire(More)
Bacillus cereus is divided into emetic and enterotoxin producing strains. Emetic B. cereus showed the low level of genetic diversity and single evolutionary lineage but no specific study of the genotypic characterization of emetic B. cereus Korean strains has been conducted. The objective of this study was to investigate the genotypic diversity of emetic B.(More)
– The increasing popularity of P2P and multimedia applications around the world has resulted in significant global increases in network traffic. This paper investigates the traffic changes in our enterprise network by analyzing the day-long traffic traces from 2007 to 2009. We observe that there has been a substantial increase in traffic in the past few(More)
ISPs and enterprises usually overprovision their networks as a means of supporting QoS. In spite of that, the service quality of QoS-sensitive applications such as VoIP, video conferencing and streaming media may not be up to expectations. We believe this is due to sporadic but non-negligible packet losses due to traffic bursts even in underutilized links.(More)