Seong-Bae Moon

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To improve the therapeutic efficacy of 20(s)-camptothecin (CPT) polymeric drugs containing CPT have been designed. A new CPT-conjugate, 3,6-endo-methylene-1,2,3,6-tetrahydrophthalimidoacetamidoglycine camptothecin ester (ETPA-gly-CPT), was synthesized by linking its hydroxyl group to the phthalimido monomer through a glycine–glycine spacer. Its homoand(More)
A simple model to enhance understanding of the three-dimensional anatomy of the human epicardial coronary artery circulation is discussed and potential instructive applications reviewed. The chambers of the heart are visualized as being related to one another as in a pair of opposed hands, which can be rotated to demonstrate the various structures as viewed(More)
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