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In mobile devices such as smart phones, it is important to provide adequate user authentication. Conventional text-based passwords have significant drawbacks though they are used as the most common authentication method. To address the vulnerabilities of traditional text-based passwords, graphical password schemes have been developed as possible alternative(More)
An increasing number of public web services have attempted to prevent exploitation by bots and automated scripts, by requiring a user to solve a Turing-test problem, namely a ”Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Cmputers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHA)”, before they are allowed to use web services. In this paper, we present an(More)
Although speech recognition is a most intuitive interface, the domain of speech recognition software has been limited until now. However, with the explosive growth of mobile devices such as smart phones and car navigation systems, the applicable range of voice recognition is widening. Furthermore, most speech recognition software manufacturers provide their(More)
Cheap and highly-functional digital cameras are now readily available to the public. In contrast to traditional film-based cameras, tasks of refining, classification and clustering images is burdensome to camera users. Therefore, we need an automated procedure to assist manual management of digital photos. One way to overcome this problem is to provide a(More)
Text plagiarism is growing rapidly with the development of Internet, so many plagiarism detection algorithms have been proposed. However, most algorithms focus on the optimized one-to-one comparison, rather than massive document comparison. The latter algorithms have a limitation in time performance when users conduct an exhaustive search on a huge set of(More)
A novice user is generally required to pass the Human Interactive Proof(HIP) before they are allowed to register web services, since there are so many automated software tools and automated scripts available in public web services. Thus there are many variations to help HIP. Text-based CAPTCHA is the most common method, where each user is asked to discern(More)
It is interesting and informative to predict the set of articles that will be popular from the early observation stage. In this paper, we concentrate on the characteristics of hot articles and estimate the saturation point that is the earliest time the hits variation approaches zero. We have shown the statistical measures of our prediction method for(More)
PURPOSE Traumatic herniation of a buccal fat pad, predominantly seen in young children, is a rare condition. Because of its rarity and clinical features that resemble tumors, clinicians are faced with challenges at the initial diagnosis. This report describes a case of buccal fat pad herniation with excellent long-term prognosis after surgical relocation(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to investigate the difference of liver function changes according to the liver regeneration rate after liver transplantation through blood tests. METHODS Fifty donors, who underwent computed tomography (CT) 3D volumetry, were analyzed before and after liver transplantation. CT 3D volumetry was used as a study method to(More)
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