Seon-Phil Jeong

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One essential task in extracting information from biomedical literature is the bio Named Entity Recognition (NER) process, which basically defines the boundaries between typical words and biomedical terminology in particular text data, and assigns them based on domain knowledge. This paper presents a semi supervised integration of completely different(More)
In today's era of aging society, people want to handle personal health care by themselves in everyday life. In particular, the evolution of medical and IT convergence technology and mobile smart devices has made it possible for people to gather information on their health status anytime and anywhere easily using biometric information acquisition devices.(More)
Along with the spread of digital music and recent growth in the digital music industry, the demands for music recommender are increasing. These days, listeners have increasingly preferred to digital real-time streamlining and downloading to listen to music because this is convenient and affordable for the listeners. In this paper, we propose music(More)
It has been increasing the number and types of products on the u-commerce market and promoting interest in associated items rapidly. Therefore, agility and real time accessibility are crucial element in u-commerce. Existing collaborative filtering(CF) adopts evaluation methods based on personal profiles. However, these methods have been identified with(More)
FinTech is a newly emerged service that combines innovative financial services and latest mobile technology. Since this service is new, there is a lack of study that investigates consumer behavior in adopting the service. Founded on Regulatory Focus Theory, our study aims to explain two different factors that motivate the adoption of FinTech in China. We(More)
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