Seon Kim

Seung Soo Oh2
Kareem M Ahmad1
Forrest M. McClellen1
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Nucleic acid-based aptamers offer many potential advantages relative to antibodies and other protein-based affinity reagents, including facile chemical synthesis, reversible folding, improved thermal stability and lower cost. However, their selection requires significant time and resources and selections often fail to yield molecules with affinities(More)
The generation of nucleic acid aptamers with high affinity typically entails a time-consuming, iterative process of binding, separation, and amplification. It would therefore be beneficial to develop an efficient selection strategy that can generate these high-quality aptamers rapidly, economically, and reproducibly. Toward this goal, we have developed a(More)
In this paper, we present our compiler infrastructure, called Jaguar for Java reconfigurable computing. The Jaguar compiler translates compiled Java methods, i.e. sequence of bytecodes into Verilog synthesizable code modules with exploiting the maximum operational parallelism in applications. Our compiler infrastructure consists of two major components: One(More)
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