Seon Hwa Jeon

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Strain DG7BT was isolated from a soil sample collected in Seoul, Republic of Korea and was observed to be a gram-negative, short-rod shaped and non-motile bacterium. Its 16S rRNA gene sequence is closely related to those of Hymenobacter terrae DG7AT (97.8 % similarity), H. soli PB17T (97.5 %), H. glaciei VUG-A130T (96.4 %), H. saemangeumensis GSR0100T (95.7(More)
Two new bacterial strains designated as Ant6T and Ant18 were isolated from the muscle of a fish which had been caught in the Antarctic Ocean. Both strains are Gram-stain-positive, catalase positive, oxidase negative, aerobic, and coccoid bacteria. Phylogenetic analysis based on the 16S rRNA gene sequences of strains Ant6T and Ant18 revealed that the strains(More)
A Gram-negative, non-motile, non-spore-forming, ovoid-shaped bacterium designated as SWU3T was isolated from mountain soil collected at Seoul Women’s University, South Korea. Based on 16S rRNA sequence analysis, strain SWU3T was found to belong to the genus Altererythrobacter. It shares high sequence similarities with A. dongtanensis JM27T (96.6 %), A.(More)
In this paper, a new bacterial strain designated as 16MFT21T is isolated from the muscle of a fish caught in the Antarctic Ocean. Strain 16MFT21T is a Gram-staining-positive, catalase-oxidase-positive, rod-shaped facultative-aerobic bacterium. The phylogenetic analysis that is based on the 16S-rRNA gene sequence of strain 16MFT21T revealed that it belongs(More)
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