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BACKGROUND We evaluated the performance of three chromogenic media (Brilliance agar I [Oxoid, UK], Brilliance agar II [Oxoid], and ChromID MRSA [Biomérieux, France]) combined with broth enrichment and the Xpert MRSA assay for screening of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). METHODS We obtained 401 pairs of duplicate nasal swabs from 321(More)
This paper presents a human region segmentation algorithm for real-time video-call applications. Unlike conventional methods, the segmentation process is automatically initialized and the motion of cameras is not restricted. To be precise, our method is initialized by face detection results and human/background regions are modeled with spatial color(More)
This paper presents a new level set tracking method for the tracking of non-rigid objects in videos. The main idea is to introduce a new probabilistic model to classify the background and object more robustly, which is then encoded as a new term for the energy function for solving the level set problem. Also, we propose to use bounding box of the contour as(More)
This paper presents a new region-of-interest(ROI) based compression scheme for video call applications in a preprocessing manner. In our application, ROI is the human region which is detected by a human/background segmentation method, and perceptually less important details are removed by applying the edge-preserving spatio-temporal filter to the background(More)
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