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Sorting of Yeast Membrane Proteins into an Endosome-to-Golgi Pathway Involves Direct Interaction of Their Cytosolic Domains with Vps35p
Resident late-Golgi membrane proteins in Saccharomyces cerevisiae are selectively retrieved from a prevacuolar–endosomal compartment, a process dependent on aromatic amino acid–based sortingExpand
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The synaptojanin-like protein Inp53/Sjl3 functions with clathrin in a yeast TGN-to-endosome pathway distinct from the GGA protein-dependent pathway.
Yeast TGN resident proteins that frequently cycle between the TGN and endosomes are much more slowly transported to the prevacuolar/late endosomal compartment (PVC) than other proteins. However, TGNExpand
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