Seol-Hee Jeon

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Bee venom (BV) has been used in Oriental medicine to treat inflammatory diseases, such as tendonitis, bursitis, and rheumatoid arthritis, despite the sensitivity of the victims and toxicity of the venom. This study examined the mechanisms for the effects of BV on the cardiovascular system in rats. The arterial pressure and heart rate (HR) were measured in(More)
Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) can cause damage to the epithelia of the respiratory tract. However, taurine can protect the lung tissue from such oxidant-induced inflammation. This study examined the effects of a LPS treatment on the intracellular calcium levels ([Ca(2+)]i) as well as the specific mechanisms of LPS-induced cell death in pneumocytes. In addition,(More)
The immunosuppressive compound FK506 has been successfully used in kidney and liver transplant recipients. However, the compound can induce significant side effects on kidney function. Taurine is a potent free radical scavenger that attenuates a variety of renal diseases that are the consequence of excessive oxygen free radical damage. The purpose of this(More)
Taurine has been reported to influence bone metabolism, and its specific transport system, the taurine transporter, is expressed in osteoblasts. The mean [Mg2+]i was 0.51+/-0.01 mM in normal culture media. Taurine caused an increase in [Mg(2+)]i by 0.72+/-0.04 mM in human osteoblast (HOB) cells. This increment in [Mg2+]i was inhibited significantly by(More)
AIMS Previous studies reported that FK506 influences bone mineralizing and hypomagnesemia, and also has immune modifying properties. This study examined whether or not the function of Mg2+ in bone metabolism plays a role in the loss of bone volume caused by immunosuppressants. MAIN METHODS The effects of the FK506 treatment on the intracellular magnesium(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of multiple mechanical forces in hemolysis for usage as intravascular lung assist device. Specific attention was focused on the effect of membrane vibration. The results of experimental, PZT materials were used as an exciting system to improve efficiency of blood suitability of hollow fiber membrane(More)
An artificial implantable lung would be a useful device to support ARDS patients awaiting lung transplantation. In this study, the characteristic of fluid flow in the new type lung assist devices has been established using CFD. According to the modeling, it is believed that the tangential type module would be more beneficial to the fluid flow, and 2 ports(More)
In sports medicine, very little attention has been given to magnesium compared with potassium and calcium. Magnesium ions (Mg<sup>2+</sup>) play a central role of neuronal activity, cardiac excitability, neuromuscular transmission, muscular contraction, vasomotor tone, and blood pressure significantly related to physical performance. Exercise is a potent(More)
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