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Abstract In this paper, we present the implementation and silicon measurements results of a 64bit processor fabricated in 0.18μm technology . The processor employs a delay-error detection and correction scheme called Razor to eliminate voltage safety margins and scale voltage 120mV below the first failure point. It achieves 44% energy savings over the worst(More)
signal which overwrites the shadow latch data into the errant flipIn this paper, we present the implementation and silicon flop. A distributed pipeline recovery mechanism [1] is implemented measurements results of a 64bit processor fabricated in 0. 18ptm to recover correct pipeline state (figure lb). The minimum allowed technology. The processor employs a(More)
Efficient Data Center Architectures Using Non-Volatile Memory and Reliability Techniques by David Andrew Roberts Chair: Trevor N. Mudge The cost of running a data center is increasingly dominated by energy consumption, contributed by power provisioning, cooling and server components such as processors, memories and disk drives. Meanwhile, emerging classes(More)
Periodontal diseases are among the most common diseases affecting humans. Dental biofilm is a contributor to the etiology of most periodontal diseases. It is also widely accepted that immunological and inflammatory responses to biofilm components are manifested by signs and symptoms of periodontal disease. The outcome of such interaction is modulated by(More)
The quadratic relationship between voltage and energy has madedynamic voltage scaling (DVS) one of the most powerful techniquesto reduce system power demands. Recently, techniques such as RazorDVS, voltage overscaling, and Intelligent Energy Management haveemerged as approaches to further reduce voltage by eliminatingcostly voltage margins inserted into(More)
Architectural simulation has achieved a prominent role in the system design cycle by providing designers the ability to quickly examine a wide variety of design choices. However, the recent trend in system design toward architectures that react to circuit-level phenomena has outstripped the capabilities of traditional cycle-based architectural simulators.(More)
Endothelin-1 (ET-1) is unequivocally elevated in the kidney with ischemic acute renal failure (ARF), whereas ET receptors (ET(A)R and ET(B)R) are variably expressed. Although renal functional and structural changes are similar between ischemic and nephrotoxic ARF, there are few reports on the alteration in the ET system in nephrotoxic ARF. This study was,(More)
We presents a high-payload climbing robot based on a compliant track-wheel mechanism. The compliant track-wheel mechanism changes the configuration of the robot according to the conditions of the external structures without feedback control; and the robot can perform 90-degree wall-to-wall internal and 240-degree wall-to-wall external transitions. Segmented(More)