Seokmin Hong

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Topological insulators (TIs) are an unusual phase of quantum matter with nontrivial spin-momentum-locked topological surface states (TSS). The electrical detection of spin-momentum-locking of TSS has been lacking till very recently. Many of the results are from samples with significant bulk conduction, such as Bi2Se3, where it can be challenging to separate(More)
— Human's action strategy is a good source of robot controller design. For there is no decisive criterion on balance control during manipulation tasks, human motion data are obtained and analyzed in this paper. Based on the observation of the center of mass (CoM) being proportional to target object distance but limited inside the supporting polygon, the(More)
In this paper we present a general theory for an arbitrary 2D channel with "spin momentum locking" due to spin-orbit coupling. It is based on a semiclassical model that classifies all the channel electronic states into four groups based on the sign of the z-component of the spin (up (U), down (D)) and the sign of the x-component of the velocity (+, -). This(More)