Seokmin Hong

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This paper introduces an omni-directional walking pattern generation method according to various footprints for a humanoid robot. We propose three step modules for generating stable walking pattern based on zero moment point(ZMP) and linear inverted pendulum model. The proposed step module uses both the characteristics of periodicity and the least square(More)
This paper proposes a new walking pattern generation method for humanoid robots. The proposed method consists of feedforward control and feedback control for walking pattern generation. The pole placement method as a feedback controller changes the poles of system in order to generate more stable and smoother walking pattern. The advanced pole-zero(More)
When a humanoid lifts a heavy object, or carries an object in a bag or a carriage, it needs to change the reference CoM(center of mass) and ZMP(Zero Moment Position) in order not to fall down. However, it is not natural to design a reference CoM and ZMP to lift or to carry an object every time. In this paper, objects held by a hand are considered as an(More)
There are many difficulties in operating a humanoid which has high degree-of-freedom and instability in balancing its body. In addition, due to the shape of a humanoid, it is expected to have motions like a human. In order to overcome its operational difficulties and to provide a humanlike motion, a teleoperation with the motion imitation is studied in this(More)