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—Diffusion-based molecular communication over nanonetworks is an emerging communication paradigm that enables nanomachines to communicate by using molecules as the information carrier. For such a communication paradigm, Concentration Shift Keying (CSK) has been considered as one of the most promising techniques for modulating information symbols, owing to(More)
Tor hidden services are used to provide a TCP based service to users while not exposing the hidden server's IP address so as to attain obscurity and anti-censorship. However, hidden services are abused in numerous ways. Hidden services are being misused for illegal services like pornography, drug trading information etc. For the sake of prevention and(More)
One of the key issues in design of an orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) based system is subcarrier and power allocation. Assuming knowledge of the instantaneous channel gains for all users, we propose a resource allocation scheme for an OFDMA based system to simultaneously provide two services, guaranteed performance (GP) and best effort(More)
incorporates COMIC, DCFí µí±í µí±œí µí±ší µí±–í µí±, is formulated for the performance analysis. The performance results show that DCFí µí±í µí±œí µí±ší µí±–í µí± outperforms the conventional DCF in both throughput and average packet delay due to the significant reduction in packet collisions.
A signal format based on PWM dimming and NRZ-OOK signals has been proposed and experimentally demonstrated. The signal format increases slot utilization. The signaling scheme utilizes the off-state of the PWM dimming period. Thereby, the data rate is increased compared with the case without data in the off-state of the PWM period, at the cost of dimming(More)
Vehicular Ad-hoc Network(VANET) enables a wireless communication between vehicles to improve driver's safety. For the safety, a message including safety-related information is broadcast between vehicles and forwarded for farther vehicles. VANET poses challenges that broadcast attempts from many vehicles cause collisions between packets and result in packet(More)