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Interoperability between legacy systems is essential for various processes to be effectively operated in terms of cooperation in business. A process, however, may include various queries, and thus data interoperability based on queries might not be properly executed due to problems of heterogeneousness. This paper proposes a cooperation system for the(More)
This study suggests a query conversion method based on TMDR(Topic Maps MetaData Registry) which solves heterogeneity problem distributed in networks and integrates data efficiently. TMDR is a repository which combines Topic Maps with MSO(Meta Schema Ontology). TMDR provides an integrated knowledge for solving the problem of collision between schema and(More)
In practice, there are two main usages of the battery in home: reducing electricity energy cost by utilizing time-varying electricity energy price and enhancing privacy by concealing the electricity energy usage pattern of appliances. By operating the battery such that it is charged/discharged during periods with low/high prices, we can reduce the(More)
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