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We propose a see-through additive light field display as a novel type of compressive light field display. We utilize holographic optical elements (HOEs) as transparent additive layers. The HOE layers are almost free from diffraction unlike spatial light modulator layers, which makes this additive light field display more advantageous when modifying the(More)
The paper treats the mission design for the Dutch-Chinese FAST (Formation for Atmospheric Science and Technology demonstration) mission. The space segment of the 2.5 year mission consists out of two formation flying micro-satellites. During the mission, new technologies will be demonstrated and, using spectropolarimeter and altimeter payloads on both(More)
The paper presents the latest results in the design of FAST-D, the Dutch micro-satellite for the Dutch–Chinese FAST (Formation for Atmospheric Science and Technology demonstration) formation flying mission. Over the course of the 2.5 year mission, the two satellites, FAST-D and FAST-T, will demonstrate various new technologies and perform observations of(More)
Augmented reality (AR) is a fascinating technology that receives considerable attention of public and industries. Here, we introduce an optical tool, holographic optical element (HOE), which can be applied for AR applications. HOEs are holographic volume gratings, which have transparency and distinctive optical characteristics. HOEs can perform the roles of(More)
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