Seokhun Kim

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This paper proposes an efficient algorithm for decomposition of a 3D arbitrary triangular mesh into surface patches. Our method is based on the discrete curvatures for an accurate partitioning criterion and presents a fast clustering scheme of vertices using quick shift algorithm. It was implemented on the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) because it is common(More)
Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a technology that recognizes information and circumference environment from tags attached to objects via wireless technology, and provides various services such as location tacking, supply chain management. The mobile RFID technology which uses this RFID technology gives mobility to the RFID leader and makes it(More)
In general, attackers carry out scanning or probing against a certain network when they start to attack their victims. Because of this, darknet is very useful to observe the scanning activities of attackers who want to find their victims that have security vulnerabilities in operating systems, applications, services, and so on. Thus, by observing and(More)
Experimental evidence is given that the perceptual system adapts to repetitive task execution in a perceptual two-choice judgment task. Participants were tested with respect to their perception of opportunities for plank grasping. Participants had to report whether planks were perceived as objects being graspable with either one hand or two hands. When the(More)
The historical but questionable size-distance invariance hypothesis (SDIH) features computation over geometric, oculomotor, and binocular cues and the coupling of percepts-perceived size, S', is mediated by perceived distance, D'. A contemporary non-mediational hypothesis holds that S' and D' are specific to distinct optical variables. We report two(More)
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