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— Given a probabilistic graph G representing an intermittently connected network and routing algorithm A, we wish to determine a delivery subgraph G[A] of G with at most k edges, such that the probability Conn 2 (G[A]) that there is a path from source s to destination t (in a graph H chosen randomly from the probability space defined by G[A]) is maximized.(More)
Deploying a multi-hop underwater acoustic sensor network (UASN) in a large area brings about new challenges in reliable data transmissions and survivability of network due to the limited underwater communication range/bandwidth and the limited energy of underwater sensor nodes. In order to address those challenges and achieve the objectives of maximization(More)
— Routing in Intermittently Connected Networks (ICN) is a challenging problem due to the uncertainty and time varying nature of network connectivity. In this work, we focus on a special class of ICN formed by mobile ad hoc users called ICMAN. We first consider a new and practical probabilistic mobility model where the nodes move between a set of " hubs " in(More)
—Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) will play a significant role at the " edge " of the future " Internet of Things. " In particular, WSNs with transmit-only nodes are attracting more attention due to their advantages in supporting applications requiring dense and long-lasting deployment at a very low cost and energy consumption. However, the lack of receivers(More)
The paper proposes a MAC layer protocol called Qo-applied in the MAC protocol. Also, many contention-free MOR (QoS-aware MAC protocol using Optimal Retransmission) multiple access schemes investigated in, for example [2], do that is designed to provide QoS in a decentralized network with not work in this setup. Our goal is to develop a decentralized(More)
Stationary wireless sensor networks (WSNs) fail to scale when the area to be monitored is open (i.e borderless) and the physical phenomena to be monitored may migrate through a large region. Deploying mobile sensor networks (MSNs) alleviates this problem, as the self-configuring MSN can relocate to follow the phenomena of interest. However, a major(More)