Seokhoon Kim

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This paper proposes a non-contact plant growth measurement system using infrared sensors based on the ubiquitous sensor network (USN) technology. The proposed system measures plant growth parameters such as the stem radius of plants using real-time non-contact methods, and generates diameter, cross-sectional area and thickening form of plant stems using(More)
Recently, the software defined networking (SDN) technologies have been highlighted because these are not only the alternative to improve the legacy network efficiency, but also the power source to develop the new business ecosystem. Most of all, the SDN technique can be used in several areas because it is one of the software technology. However, the SDN(More)
In order to provide WiMAX network services to specific purposed devices such as credit card systems and surveillance systems, we have proposed a new non-PC/SC based mini WiMAX Connection Manager (non-PC/SC m-WCM) that can be applied to small hardware system or architecture with Micro Controller Unit (MCU). The existing legacy WiMAX Connection Managers(More)
– Interworking technologies in heterogeneous network environments has become a hot issue these days. This interworking technology would provide optimized services to users and also benefit service operators by reducing network construction and maintenance costs. This paper proposes network architecture for fast handoff between IEEE 802.16e and cdma2000(More)
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