Seokhoon Kim

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This paper proposes a non-contact plant growth measurement system using infrared sensors based on the ubiquitous sensor network (USN) technology. The proposed system measures plant growth parameters such as the stem radius of plants using real-time non-contact methods, and generates diameter, cross-sectional area and thickening form of plant stems using(More)
Recently, the software defined networking (SDN) technologies have been highlighted because these are not only the alternative to improve the legacy network efficiency, but also the power source to develop the new business ecosystem. Most of all, the SDN technique can be used in several areas because it is one of the software technology. However, the SDN(More)
As heterogeneous wireless networks are deployed and users need more flexible mobility services, there has been a lot of research work about interworking mechanism between widely deployed 3G network and rapidly boarded WLAN. On the other side, WiBro is newly commercialized in Korea as the next generation wireless network. WiBro is based on IEEE 802.16e and(More)
The Internet of Thing (IoT) is evolving into the Internet of Everything (IoE). Combining cloud computing with the IoE has attracted attention for wide area applications as a major service. In addition, low power wide area networks (LPWANs) have become a remarkable communication technology in IoT. Because the LPWAN provides long range communication with low(More)
In the Internet of Things (IoT) networking, numerous objects are connected to a network. They sense events and deliver the sensed information to the cloud. A lot of data is generated in the IoT network, and servers in the cloud gather the sensed data from the objects. Then, the servers analyze the collected data and provide proper intelligent services to(More)
Recent advances in ICT technologies lead to intelligent services based on monitoring data. A system for the intelligent services is called as a cyber physical system (CPS). The CPS is an IoT-Cloud system which is an integrated system between computing world and a physical sensor field. It makes feasible applications by connecting the monitoring data in the(More)