Seokcheol Lee

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Electric vehicle, which is one of the major components and research areas of Smartgrid, has been considered as one way of reducing greenhouse gas. ISO/IEC 15118 standard defines data and communication interface to charge electric vehicles. The data is used in communication between electric vehicles and power charging infrastructure. In this paper, the(More)
Smartgrid is a next-generation intelligent electrical grid that enables a two-way information exchange between a customer and an electricity provider by integrating ICT (information and communications technology) into the existing electrical grid. As ICT is applied to the electrical grid, the security vulnerabilities of the existing ICT are inherited into(More)
Legacy electric communication network was isolated from public external network, so it was considered to be safe. However attacks, such as Stuxnet, have gradually been discovered and detected, this network is being suspected of security. So each country establishes security guideline of electric systems and regulates legal regulations of these security(More)
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