SeokJu Lee

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In this paper, we provide Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) analysis of visible light channel environment reflecting practical conditions for the usage of Visible Light Communication (VLC) in Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). Considering practical LED lights (Headlamp and Streetlamp), we perform 3D computer simulations in two ITS scenario. Through(More)
Tetraorganoindates, which were prepared easily from the reaction of 1 equiv of InCl(3) with 4 equiv of organometallics, could be employed as effective nucleophilic cross-coupling partners in Pd-catalyzed carbonylative cross-coupling reactions with a variety of organic electrophiles. The present method gave unsymmetrical ketones and 1,4-diacylbenzenes in(More)
[reaction: see text] The cyclization of 1-bromo-2,7- and 1-bromo-2,8-enynes mediated by indium in DMF produced five- and six-membered cyclic compounds. Although KI was a necessary additive in the cyclization of terminal 1-bromo-2,7-enynes to give the desired products at 25 degrees C, reactions of terminal 1-bromo-2,8-enynes and internal 1-bromo-2,7-enynes(More)
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