Seok Young Lee

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This paper proposes a non-periodic-partial-update affine projection algorithm with data-selective updating. The proposed algorithm employs two update concepts: non-periodic partial update and data-selective update. The former plays a role in adjusting the length of the update period, and the latter in reducing computational complexity. Thus, the algorithm(More)
This paper introduces an evolving update interval algorithm for the optimal step-size affine projection algorithm. The optimal step-size affine projection algorithm is one of numerous approaches to get better performance for the affine projection algorithm. It is suggested by analyzing the mean square deviation of fixed step-size affine projection(More)
In this paper, the possibility of energy efficiency improvement of the maglev train with variable slip operation other than constant one for the linear induction motor drive is discussed. Such novel operation pattern is considered to be plausible by applying proper operating süp to the linear induction motor when a certain acceleration/deceleration(More)
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