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This paper presents a miniaturized magnetic induction sensor (MMIS), where geomagnetism and high rpm rotation of ammunition are used to detect the turn number of the ammunition for applications to small-caliber turn-counting fuzes. The MMIS, composed of cores and a coil, has a robust structure without moving parts to increase the shock survivability in a(More)
Bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) and nanocrystalline metals (NMs) have been extensively investigated due to their superior strengths and elastic limits. Despite these excellent mechanical properties, low ductility at room temperature and poor microstructural stability at elevated temperatures often limit their practical applications. Thus, there is a need for a(More)
The pathways by which dislocations, line defects within the lattice structure, overcome microstructural obstacles represent a key aspect in understanding the main mechanisms that control mechanical properties of ductile crystalline materials. While edge dislocations were believed to change their glide plane only by a slow, non-conservative, thermally(More)
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