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—While multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) system gives many advantages to wireless communication, the complexity of multiple RF chains gives a burden to the system. Antenna selection is introduced as a technique to reduce the burden. On the transmit antenna selection scheme, the exhaustive search for optimal antenna set quickly becomes impractical as(More)
The mechanical strength of an Al-30% Si alloy in the mushy zone was estimated by using a novel centrifugation apparatus. In the apparatus, the alloy melt was partially solidified, forming a porous structure made of primary Si platelets (Si foam) while cooling. Subsequently, pressure generated by centrifugal force pushed the liquid phase out of the foam. The(More)
In 2005, Lee et al. (S.W. Lee, H.S. Kim, K.Y. Yoo, Efficient verifier-based key agreement protocol for three parties without server's public key, Applied Mathematics and Computation 167) proposed a efficient verifier-based key agreement protocol for three parties which does not require server's public key. However, we find that the protocol is susceptible(More)
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