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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Predictors of progression of intracranial atherosclerotic stenosis have not been clearly identified. We investigated whether poststroke changes in lipid profiles would affect the prognosis of symptomatic intracranial atherosclerotic stenosis. METHODS This is a substudy of Trial of cilOstazol in Symptomatic intracranial Stenosis 2(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Remnant lipoproteins (RLPs) are products of partially catabolized chylomicrons and very-low-density lipoprotein, from which some triglycerides have been removed. These particles are smaller and denser than the parent particles and are believed to be strongly atherogenic. We explored the association between RLP cholesterol (RLP-C) and(More)
A fixed drug eruption (FDE) is not difficult to diagnose, given its clinical characteristics. However, the causative agent can be difficult to identify, particularly when the patient denies ingestion of any drugs. To the best of our knowledge, we present herein the first reported case of an FDE caused by antibiotics taken in food; doxycycline and(More)
BACKGROUND Manual slide review (MSR) is usually triggered by the results of automated hematology analyzers, but each laboratory has different criteria for MSR. This study was carried out to investigate the current status of MSR criteria of automated complete blood cell count (CBC) and white blood cell (WBC) differential results and to propose a basic(More)
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